How to Clear a Blocked Drain Outside?

The sudden discovery of a blocked drain outside can ruin the mood for the whole day. Now, all you can think about is the foul smell that will soon accompany the blockage. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the mud or dry leaves that are often the culprits in this scenario. The result is nothing short of a nightmare. There are various techniques or chemicals that you can use to clear a blocked drain outside.

The piling number of reasons is enough to ascertain the severity of the situation. You cannot take it lightly lest the problem erupts when you least expect it. Calling the professionals is a wise choice, but before that, there are some things that you might be able to do. However, keep in mind that dealing with it yourself will require you to shed some long-formed inhibitions.

Clear a Blocked Drain
blocked drain cleaning

Tips to Clear a Blocked Drain Outside:

Check out the vital tips and arm yourself with the knowledge for future uses.

Find Out the Cause of the Problem

The first step is determining the cause of the issue. You need to assess the problem and see if it is something that you can solve yourself. In most cases, all you have to do is take off the cover to do the inspection.

Once you have removed the cover, you need to make certain observations. For instance, if you can see mud or leaves, then it is something that you can handle. But, if you cannot see any obvious signs, then it is better not to tamper with it. Instead, contact the experts immediately.

Make Sure You Have the Needed Tools

You must first collect the tools required before starting the task at hand. For this, you need to have a drainage rod, protective clothing, gloves that cover the elbow, eye, and mouth protection gear, vinegar, and baking soda. Ensure personal safety before moving forward.

Get Rid of the Blockage

There are various ways that you can eliminate the debris or leaves that cause the blocked drain outside. At first, push your hand inside and try to break the clog. If that does not do the trick, you can use the drainage rod.
These rods are narrow and are specifically designed to clear a blocked drain outside. Make sure that you dig deep to get rid of the lumps causing the blockage. You can also use a powerful mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Clean the Surrounding Area

After you have accomplished the not-so-glamorous task, make sure that you clean the area around the drain. Use a high-pressure water hose for this but keep debris and leaves away from the drain. Keep in mind that the more you clean them at regular intervals, the less likely will the problem be something complex.

Call in the Experts to Clear a Blocked Drain Outside

External drain blockages are indeed much more complicated than the kitchen sinks. DIY methods are effective solutions, but in some cases, they are simply not applicable. Refrain from using other extreme measures if you do not succeed the first time. You might be unintentionally causing more damage.

If the drain blockage stubbornly persists, then it is time to get in touch with the professional blocked drain cleaners. Our drainage experts have the required tools and know the safest methods to give you the best result. Give us a call today, and we promise to get your drain blockage cleared immediately.